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Breakin for new bikes

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Here's a site i found when researching alternative motorcycle filters.
It's a good read on motorcycle breakin procedures.

to summarize: vary the rpm's for the first 50 miles, then change oil/filter. Ride hard again for next 100-200 miles, change oil/filter. then it's good to go...

This is how i broke in my 1992 zx7 to get it ready for the track. I had a few weeks to get a showroom bike to track readiness. I started racing it at around 250 miles on the odometer.

I also did this with my wife's 2003 Chev Suburban. The oil change tech thought I was nuts to be changing oil/filter at 100, 500, then 1000 miles.

here's the oil filter cross reference:

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I say ride it hard as hell from showroom floor all the way home and keep doing it. Ride it from the begining as you plan on riding it to brk it in. :dthumb:
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