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Browsers/Email program..

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OK, this is really off topic here.. :D ..but I thought I'd change up the pace alittle bit, and see what kind of browsers you all use for the net and what kind of email programs you use. :idea:

For those of you that arent involved in computers on a daily basis like some of the rest of us, or are just stuck in the same old Internet Explorer mode..there are alot of options out there.

Everybody knows about internet explorer... :bonk: ..and thats about all I have to say about that crash-happy program..

Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird.. is a browser that is much more light-weight and not near as crash happy. You can customize it with only the extension (options) that you want. The basic browser will do you just fine, and of course its free, but you can add all sorts of options for flash/word/bookmark options, and tons more. They've also got a external email program available called similar to OE, but again, is more user friendly and wont hang up as much. It also has the built in tab feature, with instead of opening up links in different windows or having to have multiple IE windows open all the time..everything is opened in 1 window, with Tabs available to view the different pages.

Mozilla does tend to cause some sites to not load up properly, unless you have the correct extensions installed, but thats easy once you get the hang of it.

Crazy Browser.. This is the one I use on a daily basis..It looks nearly identical to IE, and functions in a similar manner, and also has the popup stopper and tab feature. Works well if your used to IE, but want more options with less problems.

Netscape..Everybody knows about netscape...not as popular as IE, but if you're used it, it can be a nice alternative from the norm.

There are other options out there to make your internet more enjoyable, and provide a nice change.

I was reading on another bike forum, in their general discussion area, where this was brought up by someone complaining of problems with I thought I'd share this here and see what you all use.

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For my daily browser I use advant ...I think

It rocks. It has all kinds of cool stuff. It doesn't have the secrurity holes in it that IE. It also has a built in pop up blocker and it comes with Robo Form. This cool thing that will remeber all you log ins to all your websites....
Need4Speed750 said:
cant find the download, from that link.. :(
Too lakte to be posting then, I guess.... Corrected Link:
Need4Speed750 said:
I got it now..Thanks CHris ! I'll give it a try :thumbs:
Let me know. I use it all the time. The only thing I don't like is that it alphabatizes your favorites. I prefere my own type of organization...but other than that it rocks..
Need4Speed750 said:
aahh..moved that tab bar up to the top..thats better..I like this browser..thanks Chris! :thumbs:
No problem. The tabs is one of the best things about it. 1 window with many tabs...much better than many windows....
Need4Speed750 said:
Hey chris..on the avant browser, when you have mulitple tabs opened...and you utilize a tab other than the first one listed on the tab brings that current tab to the beginning of the list..instead of leaving it where it was..

I assume that is a normal procedure, however do you know of a way to keep it, so the tabs stay in their original order instead of moving when you utilize them. I was looking in the options, but cant find a way to keep them a static settings.

Its not a big deal, but just something I was curious about.
Which tabs? The different window tabs? If so I'm not sure. I leave mine at the bottom. Let me know!
Need4Speed750 said:
yeah, the windows tabs that are at the bottom of the screen..for example.lets say you have yahoo on tab, TWF on another, and msn on another..when you access TWF, it puts it at the end of the line of now, its yahoo, msn, then TWF..

figure its a convenience setting or something..
That's just the way it is...I think. Never tried to change it, just used it....I really didn't care because it didn't open 6 seperate windows....
Need4Speed750 said:
Yeah..its no big deal to me either..but being a techie,I was just curious..u know us computer jockies... :D
Damn puter jockies...just like all think you're going to conquere the world.. :U :lol:
1 - 7 of 28 Posts
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