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Bumblebee...Where in Florida is this...

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I just heard on the news that a 24 year old teacher was having sexual relations with her students of 14yrs old. She's going to have a trial and plead insane. Dude, where was this? She is HOT, with her hair down at least! But I wouldn't have complained if I was her 14yr old student!
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Gas Man said:
:nopicsbs: and that damn kid is so F'in lucky!! I wish my teacher would have took advantage of me!! :yum:

Careful what you wish for GM, pretty general there. I mean didn't you have male teachers? :yikes:

Funny how a female teacher doing this to a 14 year old student, guys get exicted, yet if the situation was flipped and it was a male teacher with a 14 year old girl people would be :cursin: :bash: . Bottom line is its wrong and sick. Whats wrong with people these days. :flush:
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