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bumblebee's obsolete zip drive LOL (good idea SV)

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The Saint said:

anytime, man. Just make sure you have a lot of black ink in your printer, its going to be working overtime...

it looks exactly like AZ's format and everything. Funny how that works...
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pickle.of.doom said:
I had Porn on my Commodore 64. Even earlier, I had a porn cassette that went to a Texas Instruments TI-99 with a tape recorder drive...

Dude! You better hold on to that stuff. Going to be collectors items!!! :dthumb:
Ah the progression of internet porn. From Commodore 64 tapes to internet streams! Whats the future hold for us!!! :dthumb:
<I think there needs to be an thread started to honor internet porn> all in favor say "I" :lol:
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