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bumblebee's obsolete zip drive LOL (good idea SV)

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The Saint said:

anytime, man. Just make sure you have a lot of black ink in your printer, its going to be working overtime...

it looks exactly like AZ's format and everything. Funny how that works...
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snadamo said:
anytime, man. Just make sure you have a lot of black ink in your printer, its going to be working overtime...

it looks exactly like AZ's format and everything. Funny how that works...
You could have went to any other city or county DMV in your state to get one. If you didn't have to leave your desk then that's even better. :dthumb:
bumblebee said:
Why print it? Just download it to your Zip drive to read later offline and only print the pages you want/need to study...

I love my Zip drive... :dthumb:
That's a little out dated there bee....I use my USB jump drives.
jetskifast said:
You really are old school :lol:
Hey atleast bee didn't break out with the old 5.25" floppy :rofl3: :rofl3: :rofl3: :rofl3:
bumblebee said:
Yes, but can you download 100 floppys on that hard drive and slip it into your shirt pocket and carry it to your other computer and work on the documents there?? My Zip disk is slightly larger than a 3.5 floppy and I can transport them in my shirt pocket. I have nothing on my "C" drive except Windows XP and the operating programs for my peripherials like Iomega Zip and Nero for burning. everything else gets put onto zips. If you hacked into my could not access any of my files except my address book in outlook because there are none on the hard drive. Laugh how old school I am, but I have never had a computer crash or lost any data to overflow, virus, worms etc, because I keep nothing on the drive and my AVG screens all disks daily.<>ast_id=63191&bmUID=1128000497086

And yes, I still have some of the large floppys...I have accounting and business programs like COBAL, RPG I,II,II, pascal, snobol, PL1 and even Fortran, that I used before many of you were born...actually, I still have the cassette drives and tapes I used in Basic on my Timex, Commodore 64 and TRS 80 computers. I am so old school that when I studied data processing at SIU in the 1970's, we had to punch cards and feed them into a main frame. there were no PC's. Everyone had to write code or else you didn't/couldn't use a computer.

SO THERE... :neen: :neen: :neen:
bee, I have an old Iomega Zip drive too, but it just sits in the closet. The CD-R, and the USB drive were the best inventions so far to store, and transfer data. Even at that you can always use a CF, SD, XD, memory save data with the card reader...that even smaller than a USB drive, and you can get up to a 2 GB card.
bumblebee said:
CD's are too fragile, they might be able to store more info, but I have had CD's fail, Floppys fail daily. the only storage I have used that has never failed me is the zip drive...

And just think of the security, In a few years, my old school Zips will be so outdated, people won't be able to open them to look at the files, because they won't have a drive on their computers... :dthumb:
my iomega Zip drive is I can always plug it right we will see a problem in the future with the operating systems not supporting the drivers, and the LPT port, or serial ports on the back of the computers are already becomming obsolete. I think the newer externals are USB
pickle.of.doom said:
I had Porn on my Commodore 64. Even earlier, I had a porn cassette that went to a Texas Instruments TI-99 with a tape recorder drive...
I still have my old Commodore 64/128D :lol: and it's still in great working condition...sitting up in the attick at my parents house.

Ace said:
Dude! You better hold on to that stuff. Going to be collectors items!!! :dthumb:
Ah the progression of internet porn. From Commodore 64 tapes to internet streams! Whats the future hold for us!!! :dthumb:
<I think there needs to be an thread started to honor internet porn> all in favor say "I" :lol:
"I" :lol:
GM>....You changed the title didn't you!? :lol:
Gas Man said:
Split for all you porn/commador talkers!
I noticed you also changed the title...before you submitted this. dummy me edited my last post on the thread so the time isn't correct. :lol:
Gas Man said:
When I split the thread I changed it to something more specific to what you all are talking about!
You should have renamed it bumblebee's obsolete zip drive :rofl3: :rofl3:
Gas Man said:
I like that...DONE!
:readng: :rofl3: that's great :lol:
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