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bumblebee's obsolete zip drive LOL (good idea SV)

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The Saint said:

anytime, man. Just make sure you have a lot of black ink in your printer, its going to be working overtime...

it looks exactly like AZ's format and everything. Funny how that works...
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Gas Man said:
When I split the thread I changed it to something more specific to what you all are talking about!
You should have renamed it bumblebee's obsolete zip drive :rofl3: :rofl3:
SVupON1 said:
You should have renamed it bumblebee's obsolete zip drive :rofl3: :rofl3:
I like that...DONE!
Gas Man said:
I like that...DONE!
:readng: :rofl3: that's great :lol:
bumblebee said:
Yes, but can you download 100 floppys on that hard drive and slip it into your shirt pocket and carry it to your other computer and work on the documents there?? My Zip disk is slightly larger than a 3.5 floppy and I can transport them in my shirt pocket. I have nothing on my "C" drive except Windows XP and the operating programs for my peripherials like Iomega Zip and Nero for burning. everything else gets put onto zips. If you hacked into my could not access any of my files except my address book in outlook because there are none on the hard drive. Laugh how old school I am, but I have never had a computer crash or lost any data to overflow, virus, worms etc, because I keep nothing on the drive and my AVG screens all disks daily.<>ast_id=63191&bmUID=1128000497086

And yes, I still have some of the large floppys...I have accounting and business programs like COBAL, RPG I,II,II, pascal, snobol, PL1 and even Fortran, that I used before many of you were born...actually, I still have the cassette drives and tapes I used in Basic on my Timex, Commodore 64 and TRS 80 computers. I am so old school that when I studied data processing at SIU in the 1970's, we had to punch cards and feed them into a main frame. there were no PC's. Everyone had to write code or else you didn't/couldn't use a computer.

SO THERE... :neen: :neen: :neen:
Heh. I'm a computer engineer, good luck hacking into my system. I don't even have Outlook Contacts you can get to.

I have to carry a laptop to/from work anyway, it's nothing to throw an external drive in the Timbuk2 bag along with it. If I wanted compact storage, I can use my 60 GB iPod. It's even smaller than a Zip Drive.

I too have never been hacked, or had a computer crash, for any reason other than hardware failure. Even so, I keep backups of everything. I have 4 computers (3 personal, 1 work) and could lose every single one of them at once and not lose a single bit of data, except maybe my browser bookmarks, which I don't really care about anyway.

Everything I care about is backed up on 3 different external drives. I have almost 1 TB of storage space at home.
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