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Burnout video finally posted

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I submitted my video to, just waiting on approval and a link and ill have it up.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts is slow... its been two days and still havent gotten approval form em on the video....Soon as i get it ill post the link.
ok i emailed and they emailed me back RIGHT away saying it would be up soon, so iguess they can reply to emails fast but takes WEEKS to get a video online...

Anyone know somewhere i can post it thatll get it up right away?
ITs up heres a link

Ok thnaks to a guy he let me put it on his site to get it up now... so screw up on one.. heres the link, Enjoy, comments are welcome.
Cheers, Scott
Ex gf video'd it... I forgot to tell her to show the cloud, i didnt even see it since i couldnt turn around that far. But the car was easy to clean, the chunks just came off with briushing em off..... regular car window snow brush took em all right off then just gave it a normal weeklyu wahsing and it was done. The car was hers The Radials were a MOFO to get out, took me quite a while. Next time i'm gonna tape plastic up under the tail to make cleaning the bike faster too.
Shes been a ex gf for aobut 9 monthes......

and filmed aobut a monthago or maybe even longer... early march sometime if i remember right. And will def tape something up cuz that stuff a BEETCH to clean off
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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