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buyin 1st bike.... lookin for suggestions

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gettin ready to purchase 1st bike. i have a car in the 8s. i am 6'5'' so i need a bigger bike. lookin for suggestions and recomendations. 900+cc
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I understand that you're a big guy but I wouldn't go over a 750cc... normally I'd say a 600cc but I'll give ya the extra 150cc's for your size.

check out the 7R or the GSXR 750. The GSXR will be faster and have better aftermarket support but the 7R may be more comfortable.

I know of a GSXR 750 that might be for sale here in Michigan....
No I'm calling him tall and unless he's a stick... he's probably over 200# at least... no offense... just trying to help.

besides SV you know that so stop bustin my ballz
I want video of these SV650 wheelies!!!
jeeps84 said:
I thought GM gave sound advice.
Bigger people need more Hp to carry them but, that's no reason to go overbroad with the first bike.
:withstupi I still like my advice on the 1st page... normally 600 or less... give the extra 150cc's for being a bigger guy... but NOTHING over that...
Really? Interesting...
1 - 5 of 46 Posts
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