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buyin 1st bike.... lookin for suggestions

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gettin ready to purchase 1st bike. i have a car in the 8s. i am 6'5'' so i need a bigger bike. lookin for suggestions and recomendations. 900+cc
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f4ilapper said:
Think he is talking about brain development prior to age 25 :whistle:

But it sounds like the ticket and the court thing slowed you down a bit.

That's a low blow...

Yes, SV, Jack and myself have already said our opinions on every single thread you have posted.
f4ilapper said:
:sorry: Low blow not intened just observation from the linked thread that referenced male brain development prior to age 25.

Bulls posts are much different about bikes after his experience, which is not to be laughed at but learned from.

Again, low blow not intended.


It's cool man. Just kidding around but you said it, "Something to be learned from." aka: Hard lesson learned...
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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