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buyin 1st bike.... lookin for suggestions

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gettin ready to purchase 1st bike. i have a car in the 8s. i am 6'5'' so i need a bigger bike. lookin for suggestions and recomendations. 900+cc
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biggallemore said:
gettin ready to purchase 1st bike. i have a car in the 8s. i am 6'5'' so i need a bigger bike. lookin for suggestions and recomendations. 900+cc
I already said this in your other thread, but I cannot express myself enough on this..

biggallemore said:
heres the situation.... father and grandfather both passed away when i was 13. both had life insurance. im an only child. i now have a 95mustang runnin 8s in the 1/4. now i am lookin to get a bike. im 6'5'' and 260lbs. im thinkin bout gettin a busa because of the size of the bike and the speed. curious on opinions and suggestions on the buying my 1st bike. also curious when the 187mph top speed gentlemen agreement went into effect. p.s. ive got some riding experience on a cbr600 that a friend owned. he went overseas i babysat the bike. p.s.s. im lookin for a bike i can take out on streets and comfortably ride around no long trips i just dont want anything to extreme to street (like my stang)
First off :welcome: Biggallemore and :twfrox: ... :yikes: Dude are you NUTS!!!??? I don't care if you have some rideing experience. a BUSA is WAY!!! too much bike for you right now. You will get hurt so fast I promise.
You need to start out on a 98-02 Gixxer 600, R6, CBR 600, Katana 600, SV650(S), or a new SV650(S).
Here is a thread you NEED to read:
CLICK HERE and please read the whole thread, and any link in here.

Also: look thru the forum and see what everyone thinks on a first bike.
Bull, he obviously didn't know what the hell he was doing yet.
Grafixx01 said:
That's a low blow...

Yes, SV, Jack and myself have already said our opinions on every single thread you have posted.
Gas Man said:
I understand that you're a big guy but I wouldn't go over a 750cc... normally I'd say a 600cc but I'll give ya the extra 150cc's for your size.
check out the 7R or the GSXR 750. The GSXR will be faster and have better aftermarket support but the 7R may be more comfortable.

I know of a GSXR 750 that might be for sale here in Michigan....
So basically you just called him a fat @ss. :iagree: :lol:
Gas Man said:
No I'm calling him tall and unless he's a stick... he's probably over 200# at least... no offense... just trying to help.

besides SV you know that so stop bustin my ballz
No need to beat around the bush here. its a known fact, tell it like it is. :lol: PS. No offense biggalimore.
bulldog said:
well i dont know why but the wheelies arent as fun anymore..... i am a kid and ui still do STUPID stuff that i regret after doin but hey i will fess up to anything and accept the penalties
Bull they are still fun, you just have a fear of getting busted again for doing them. Over come your fear and do them somewhere else.
bulldog said:
no i am serious i havent had the urg to stop whatever i am doing and GO DO WHEEILIES

b/4 i used to freakin do them every chance i got i would go riding JUST to do wheeilies i was kinda dumb i guess but i havent done one above maybe an inch or so since
I watch very closely but I am on a mission to get somewhere most of the time. I pull it up at 11 O'clock and ride it out, then chill out and ride to my destination.
bulldog said:
i have them down GOOD now i can ride for half a mile at 11 o clock...... i almost scraped my brake light (got it on video)
don't starve the engine of oil.
bulldog said:
yet another reason i realy regret it
I think I have starved mine.
bulldog said:
well i havent noticed anything but i know i did a lil damege i had to have
I just had mine checked out. I'm good.
bulldog said:
dont got money to check mine out that another reason for me to baby it
good idea!
bulldog said:
yep barley had money for oil change.....and was doin it myself dam oil and filter are exxpensive
If you can't pay to play...don't play
bulldog said:
well i got to lol i just wish i was old enoughf to have a credit card
BAD IDEA THERE BULL!! i learned my lesson early in college. I am responsible with it now.
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