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Buying advice?

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Hello everyone!

I'm hoping to get a ninja 250 this season to learn how to ride on. It's been tough finding any 250's, i've checked craigslist, ebay, local classifieds :readng: etc. and I've found one. Its a 2005 250r with about 5000 miles on it. That sounds to me like a LOT of miles for a one year old bike. It includes some extras, The value of which i'm unsure (like jacket, helmet, tires). The seller is asking 2500 for it, and I'm wondering what I should aim to pay on it. I checked the NADA for it and it says 1900 for "low retail price" to 2500 for "average retail price". It seems its in good condition, no scratches or dents. Is 2500 a good deal? should I try to get it for less? how much less? Another I've found is also 2005, different color (blue and orange, which I like slightly less), and it has scratches on the lower fairing. It has about 1500 miles and he's also asking 2500.
Also, is there anywhere I can go that factors in mileage to give me a value for this bike? thanks! :twfrox:

PS: If I want to get a bike checked out mechanically should I take it to a nearby dealer? I've heard you should get it checked out by a mechanic before you buy, but I'm not very mechanically inclined and I don't have any mechanic friends.
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If you take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) class, you can practice on most any bike. The old Honda VF500 is a nice bike that I would recommend:
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