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Thought I would share this info with you all, got it off another forum I'm on...

Wrightwood, California (January 2, 2006) - Cal-Sportbike TrackXperience Launches Tracstar™ Challenge Rider Certification Program

The Tracstar™ Challenge is a skills-based rider certification and awards program which focuses on developing both physical and mental bike control skills and safety habits. It is inspired by proven sports training programs that have worked well for decades around the globe.

Oliver Chami, former AMA 250GP racer and program creator, says "With Tracstar, riders receive formal training and earn recognition for demonstrated proficiency, which should result in a lower future crash risk in any environment".

Program co-developer Todd Robinson of Cal-Sportbike TrackXperience says, "There is simply too much focus on pushing for fast laps at the expense of being a smooth or safe rider. In fact our most successful students have proven that by focusing on smoothness and control they are able to lower their lap times considerably".

To support the implementation of the Tracstar program, Cal-Sportbike events are being restructured to accommodate both the formal schooling element, as well as the open format/free riding options at all 2006 dates.
Events will be run as a two group format alternating with 30 minute on-track sessions, allowing for 50% more track time than a three group format. To ensure a low number of incidents and the most "up time" possible, group sizes will generally be 10-25% smaller than track day providers. Todd says, "This means a ticket price higher than the typical 'open' track day yet we are able to maintain a pricing point dramatically below traditional riding schools while offering a higher level of amenities and quality personal attention". In addition, prudent passing rules that have kept Cal-Sportbike's events among the safest in the nation will continue to be strictly enforced.


The Tracstar program is a complete rider education system, offered at all 2006 dates as an optional and complimentary service. Level one
(novice to lower intermediate) students participate in classroom discussion
and lectures, as well as formal on-track drills and skills based testing.
Level two (intermediate to advanced) riders will enjoy personal coaching
by Cal-Sportbike's Tracstar instructors.

All Tracstar students will work their way through the different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Master Rider. To graduate each level, riders will need to demonstrate proficiency in a broad range of skills. But make no mistake about it, speed will come with skill. At the completion of each level, riders are awarded certificates, patches for their leathers, and stickers for their bikes. Tracstar graduates will be safer and faster riders while enjoying the advantage of enhanced bike control.

Inclusive amenities for 2006 have expanded. Attendees are provided with a full hot buffet breakfast including Starbucks® coffee, catered buffet lunch, complete beverage service, and complimentary chair massage therapy. Additional services include tire changing, suspension tuning/setup services, videography, mobile dyno tuning, and photography (see event listings for details on specific amenities/venues). All instructional services and training are included with the base ticket price.

2006 Track Event and School Schedule

3/28 (Tue) - Thunderhill Park
4/29 (Sat) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
4/30 (Sun) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
5/13 (Sat) - Buttonwillow Raceway Park
5/14 (Sun) - Buttonwillow Raceway Park
5/23 (Tue) - Willow Springs (Road Course)
6/20 (Tue) - Thunderhill Park
6/24 (Sat) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
6/25 (Sun) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
7/3 (Holiday Mon) - Willow Springs (Road Course)
8/13 (Sun) - Willow Springs (Road Course)
9/4 (Labor Day Mon) - Willow Springs (Road Course)
9/25 (Mon) - Thunderhill Park
10/16 (Mon) - Thunderhill Park
10/21 (Sat) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
10/22 (Sun) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
11/4 (Sat) - Reno-Fernley Full Course
11/5 (Sun) - Reno-Fernley Technical Course

More information on the Tracstar™ Challenge Program can be found online at or by calling (800) 930-8520. Media inquiries may be directed to Todd Robinson at [email protected] or at extension 81. The new website is scheduled for full completion in late January 2006.

Cal-Sportbike TrackXperience and the Tracstar Challenge are sponsored by Triumph USA, Galfer Brakes, Sidi Boots, Spidi Leathers, Vortex Racing, Michelin, and The Advocates Law Firm.
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