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Can anyone draw

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Iam getting a new tattoo and I have been trying to get in contact with this artist for like 4 months now just to buy the print so I can get somthing like this done.

can anyone draw this pick to look somthing like the 2nd pic. I will glady pay for this service...
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I can barely draw stick people, let alone a tat.. :lol: ..however, do you have a usual tattooist that you go to, to get your work done? Most artists that I know of, if you go into their shop and give them what you want, they can actually draw it up pretty quickly, usually either while you wait, photocopy and resize it on the spot, or draw it within a day or so. Atleast mine will do that.

when i got my latest tattoo, the only pic i had of it, was so big, it barely fit on the copier, so he got it on, resized it down to where I wanted it, and was ready to go. If you want that exactly design, they'll usually just copy it, then trace it onto the paper, to make it easier.
twisty said:
Yeah I go to (PLUG HERE) Jesse @ Eternal Tattoo of Plymouth, Michigan. He doesn't really do cartooning like I want done. But he can copy it to paper and tattoo my a$$ with it tho.
as long as that's the exact design you want, that would work then I would think.. I wonder if jewfzr could do something for you ?
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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