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Car Crashes Into House, Knocks Woman Off Couch

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SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A car crashed into a home garage, shoving the homeowner car's through the wall of the house and knocking her off the couch. Then the driver took off and crashed again, and again, News 5's Ken Stinson reported.
According to a witness, the driver knocked over a fire hydrant before crashing into the garage. After reversing from the garage, the driver then hit two telephone poles and finally came to a stop in bushes on Fairfield Golf Course, Stinson reported.
The driver had to be cut out of the wreckage and was taken to University Hospital.

The incident happened Tuesday morning in the 1700 block of John Gray Road in Springfield Township.

The homeowner said the house filled with smoke while the car engine idled for several minutes before the driver backed out.

The woman was not injured, but she had just put her house up for sale and was expecting a prospective buyer to inspect it this afternoon.

Video here...
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Captain Morgan said:
Was the guy drunk, having a heart attack, or what? Don't you just love it when the news doesn't give the rest of the story? Where's Paul Harvey when you need him?
paul harvey..HA! I gotta listen to Rush Limbah and glen beck all day at work...I can't stand these two guys anymore!! One of my techs listens to these two on the radio ALL DAY LONG, he has one radio going in the warehouse, one going in the shop, and one in his cubical, I CAN'T get away!! even if we are in a service van going somewhere he is listening to these guys WTF!!! It is driving me insane! Luckly he called in today so I got to listen to what I wanted to today. I have tried to change the station but he will turn it back to rush and glenn. I just can't win.
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