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Car Vs Bike Vs Boat

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car vs. bike vs boat=

Pretty cool:dthumb: ...hope this isnt a repost.
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yea that was an F1 car.

the bike has hardly a chance after 100mph is reached.

the bike did hold the car off though for the first 3-4 can clearly see the car didnt pull forward until about 5-6 seconds into the race.

either way...

F1 cars ARE SERIOUS!!!

currently...all F1 cars engines are approx. 2880cc-3000cc (max) and consist of 10 cylinders. basically a 3 liter 10 cylinder!
and they produce north of 800bhp!!! and rev to 18,000rpms!!!!

they can do the 0-100-0 in around 6.5-7 seconds!!! so yea...they can beat up a sportbike pretty easily seeing as how a 1000cc bike does 0-100 in around 5 seconds....the F1 car can be stopped 1 second later!!!

the F1 cars can also apply 5g's of force when braking or accelerating out of a corner!!!!!
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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