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Car Vs Bike Vs Boat

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car vs. bike vs boat=

Pretty cool:dthumb: ...hope this isnt a repost.
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What was that? A Honda commercial?:scratch:
I was a little surprised that a 1000RR didn't get the Indy car off the line and the boat had a running start.
Gas Man said:
The only real crappy part is the boat already movin...
:iagree: But Honda doesn't make a jet motor that I'm aware of. It would take a drag jet boat to compete on the scale. It was just a :crazy: comparison to start with. I would like to see the full vid just to know what Honda was doing lining all three up like that.:scratch:
VolEngineer said:
That wasn't an indy car. That was a F1 car. Much, much, more punch off the line than an indy car. A stock RR could probably beat an indy car off the line.
Ok, I'm not up on the open wheel thing. But I thought a liter bike should do the job at first anyway.
ne1469 said:
Jet boat motor...might not be to far fetch for Honda...cause they are starting to make private jet planes already.
I wonder what took them so long? They have made most everything else with a motor for years now and a few things with out.
ScottSellersUNR said:
anything with 24" wide ultra soft slicks and 900 HP is ognna be hard to match by a bike, unless its a pro drag bike... just so more more traction then a bike can ever get.
:iagree:but still thought to see more from the bike.:disapp:
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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