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No Worries said:
Larry G: I have stock pipes. I looked at Factory Pro and Dynojet. I liked that Factory Pro included different piston springs, but I also liked that Dynojet made a high altitude kit for my bike. Although the only difference is the main jet and different groove for the needle. All my riding is over 5,000 feet. But I could go with either manufacturer.

Speaking of carb pistons, Honda's are plastic. The get varnish on them which makes them stick. You can spray carb cleaner on the front and back, but they have to come out to clean the sides and top. Usually clears up a stumble.

Shanman: To me, the hardest part of carb work, besides getting the carbs on and off, is removing the dozens of phillips-head screws without stripping the heads. Did you rejet to fix leanness from an exhaust change? Did rejetting make you bike run better?
hehe, thats so true about the dam phillips screws..i always replace them with allen head bolts whenever i take any carbs apart...i use to have tons of them around but a good cleaning of the garage got rid of that nice supply last summer...

like i said in the carbcleaner post, just be carefull when spraying carb cleaner on the slides so u dont hit the rubber diaphram, might even be easier to wet a clean cloth with carb cleaner and wipe the slides down like that...the plastic ones do suck, the gsxr's were metal if i can remember..

hope no one minds me digging up old posts and giving my 2 cents on things, sort of bored at work the riding season is comming up and time to start getting the bikes ready for the season, if you havnt already :thumbs:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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