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I just got my combikit for the CBR 1000RR. First question; "WTF is a combikit?" Well it is a dual rate (aka progressive spring) OEM replacement kit for both the forks and the shock. Next question; "Why would you try this?" On the CBR 1KRR is light on the OEM fork springs and heavy on the shock spring and is very difficult to get a normal setup with standard sag numbers. The best thing so far is the kit with fork oil was only $250. Normal straight rate springs from Racetech or Ohlins are between $110-$90 depending on were you get them and fork is extra, which would be atleast $300.

On the F4i I put Racetech fork springs in and Ohlins internals $795 :yikes: , and I put in the Ohlins 46-PRXLS rear shock $950 :yikes: . Excellent equipement but as of yet I'm not $1745 faster at the track. I know most or all of that is me and my skill level :skep: .

In retrospect I think I could have increased my skill level gradually as well as spent money gradually and not testing the limits of available credit. Atleast I'm not spending money on beer and women :lol: , my wife didn't think that was funny either.

Here is a pic of the kit it is fairly complete with pretty good instruction minus the bad grammatical mistakes in the translation. I ordered it Monday and it came today I was pretty impressed with delivery.

I may try to put everything in at the track this weekend at Gingerman. Wish me luck that I don't screw it up and crash, but that is the challenge and fun of it all ain't it?

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