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Chain Links

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What is the proper way to count chain links. I was wanting to get a new chain instead of going to the dealership who has done it before I was going to order it myself. I has a 10'' xtended swingarm and was coming up with a figure of 70 links does this sound about right? Thanks flipmo
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An average new chain comes 120 links. I guessing your going to need another 50 on top of that.
flipmo said:
how do you get that figure?
I know what the length of the average new chain is and the rest is just a guess. :sorry:
Take some string and measure the distance all the way around. Then measure the string. Call the shop and give them the measurements. The should be able to convert it to links. Always order 5 to 10 links long. Its safer and easier to cut than have 2 weak links.

We have several stretched bikes and some good wrenches. If you give make, model and tooth count off sprockets for bike. They may be able to tell you exactly how much chain you need.
GSXR750MKE said:
you counted the links wrong your looking at a 140 link chain not a 70...
That's what I was thinking but the numbers don't add up.:scratch:
Can someone put a diagram up of what you should count? Just to make it clear to everyone.
Imagine this is a chain. It would have 7 links.
Glad you liked it and hope it helps you and others more than it amuses.:lol:
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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