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Changing tires

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I had new tires put on yesterday, and went riding today. It's like going from manual steering to power steering. Each time, I say I'm not going to wait until the thread's just a shadow until I change them, but I always do.

I bring my tires and wheels to a shop that only does motorcycle tires. I think they charge $40 to take each wheel off the bike. With a centerstand, it's easy for me to take them off in the garage, or anywhere, and bring them there. But what a PITA putting the rear wheel back on. One hand lifts the wheel, one hand guides in the axle, and one hand keeps that #$%^ spacer on the other side from falling out. Wait, that's three hands.

Has anyone figured out a good way of doing this? I'll be changing my chain and sprockets next month and will have to go through this whole thing again.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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