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Changing tires

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I had new tires put on yesterday, and went riding today. It's like going from manual steering to power steering. Each time, I say I'm not going to wait until the thread's just a shadow until I change them, but I always do.

I bring my tires and wheels to a shop that only does motorcycle tires. I think they charge $40 to take each wheel off the bike. With a centerstand, it's easy for me to take them off in the garage, or anywhere, and bring them there. But what a PITA putting the rear wheel back on. One hand lifts the wheel, one hand guides in the axle, and one hand keeps that #$%^ spacer on the other side from falling out. Wait, that's three hands.

Has anyone figured out a good way of doing this? I'll be changing my chain and sprockets next month and will have to go through this whole thing again.
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Just adjust your jack so the wheel center is lined up close to the mounting hole height and leave the wheel on the ground and roll the wheel and spacer into place and slide the shaft through. You might even be able to controll a beer with the other hand. :dthumb:
I should have mentioned if your useing a stand the is not adjustable and the tire has to lifted. Then find a plank (2x4) or what ever and build a platform to raise the tire to this height to place the wheel center back in line with the frame hole. Then grab the beer again with one hand and the shaft with the other.

This all falls under the Egyption theory. :dthumb:

Einstein might have been the smartest man but even his name was spelled wrong twice?

I before e rule? :scratch:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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