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I've never had one and never seen one is use either. Rider to rider communication is important to me, but it ties with being able to pump other audio into my helmet as well. Primarily I've been riding solo (since I got my license) but I'd also like to be able to talk to my mom and her boyfriend (my mom is always a passenger).

I think the FRS-X2 is the right model for me. I figure either the FRS-X2 or the HJC-FRS for mom's boyfriend. Would my mom need a unit as well, or can I just get her a headset and plug her into one of ours? If she can plug into ours, then how does the communication go? Typically she's behind him... could she hear me? Could I hear her? Or, is she only going to be able to communicate to the wearer of the main unit intercom style?

OR... is there some other product or other line that I shoudl be looking into?
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The two channels aren't a problem at all. The biggest problem is the general poor quality of the chatterboxes. I have four of them, and at any given time at least 2 of them are broken. The most common problem I have with them are broken potentiometers. Just this last weekend we lost 2 units over the course of 3 days. One lost a battery, the other started screeching like an angry monkey. I suppose it could have been a battery issue too. Of course, BK's was fine the whole trip. :smash:
The screeching came back on Monday. I don't think it charged. I'm really not sure if it was the charger or the battery, and Adrian still has it so I haven't had a chance to check it out. I have slightly under a million chargers, so if that's the problem, it's really no problem. :)
Gas Man said:
Maybe... but the guy having the problem was on a Honda! :p:

It turned out that Adrian was using the wrong charger for his Chatterbox. That's why it wouldn't charge.
1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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