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Cheap GSXR

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You couldn't buy the wheels for this price. E-Bay :skep:
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I sent an email to him. Now if he replys back and tells me that I need to send the money over seas...Its a scam. Me and Matt found so many of them last year and laughed our arses off. No way is someone going to sell a GSXR 1000 for under $3000. And if it is real and in the states and i can pick it up and pay cash when i see it...I am all on this and I can turn around and resell it for twice that price if not more.

I will let you know what I find out.
jeeps84 said:
I did the same thing.
Hell if its in the states I will drive/fly to it and buy it.
I found that if you cant use PayPal its usually a fraud.

:dthumb: We know what we are doing.
Gas Man said:
Well whatever it is... it isn't there anymore... the item has been removed!!!

And this is the reason. Here is the reply I got from him.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing my 2002 Suzuki : GSX-R : GSXR 1000.This bike is in perfect condition,it have no scratches and it never was crashed.
The bike have a Clear Title wich you will receive with the bike.It can be registerd into your name withouth any problem and withouth payng any taxes to register it there,the only thing you have to pay is 17.00$ to transfer the title into your name.
You will get all the papers and recipts that you need for the registration as soon as you complete the payment.
I would send the bike to get payed on collection but in my case i need the money fast.
Just to let you know that the bike will be shipped from Italy and it will come in maximum 5 days in any part of USA.It has been a pleasure to ride this bike but right now I must sell it!
The price I hope to obtain is 2,700.00 USD (this price can includes the shipping and insurance only if you can make the payment fast) and if you agree with this price we can start to complete the transaction.

Do they think we are stupid or what. It was removed and will be put back up soon. They have got to come up with a better scam then this. Everyone knows about these. :nonod:
2FURYUS said:
Nah, its gotta be legit... :skep: :lol:

LOL Sure it is. :dthumb:
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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