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Check Out Our Best Picks for Sportbike Tires by Trustworthy Brands

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Sportbikes are intended for fast riding, so it's no surprise that these machines usually come equipped with high-performance tires ensuring safety and maneuverability. Good tires provide stable contact with the road surface to stay on the course on sharp corners when you are riding fast. In our online store, we’ve compiled a vast catalog of sportbike tires designed to unleash all capabilities of your bike. We offer rubber for any weather conditions and speed rating. You can check fitment and all available tires that fit your bike in Product Options.

Our high-performance tires can elevate your riding to a completely new level improving handling, cornering, and grip significantly. These products are designed by reputable manufacturers that push the boundaries of what’s possible and create tires that can meet and exceed all your expectations. In this post, we present our top-3 picks for the best sportbike tires available at our store. Have you tried these brands? What do you think of them?


• A significant improvement on bike handling thanks to a consistent footprint, regardless of your lean angle
• Versatile for both touring and pushing hard, making the best out of the latest generation of electronic rider aids
• Delivers outstanding performance in wet conditions
• Prevents the need for unnecessary steering actions which improves comfort
• Precision handling in line with Pirelli DNA that elevates mileage within the segment
• Dual compound layout on rears

120/60 ZR17F (55W)
120/70 ZR17F (58W)
150/70 ZR17R (69W)
160/60 ZR17R (69W)
170/60 ZR17R (72W)
180/55 ZR17R (73W)
190/50 ZR17R (73W)
190/55 ZR17R (75W)
120/70 ZR19F (60V)


• Outstanding on wet roads, especially when braking
• All-season street tires are versatile and long-lasting
• Last longer thanks to 2CT technology with brand new tread compounds
• Chamfered sipe edges that help prevent abnormal wear in extreme conditions and under heavy braking
• Thanks to new XST+ sipe technology, braking distances are reduced even on wet roads and very slippery surfaces like white lines and pedestrian crossings.
• Provide optimal grip when cornering

120/60 ZR17 (55W)
120/70 ZR17 (58W)
150/70 ZR17 (69W)
160/60 ZR17 (69W)
180/55 ZR17 (73W)
190/50 ZR17 (73W)
190/55 ZR17 (75W)


• High dry and wet performance
• Straight-line stability required for a touring tire
• Make long-distance touring safer and more enjoyable

120/70 ZR17 M/C (58W) TL
160/60 ZR17 M/C (69W) TL
180/55 ZR17 M/C (73W) TL

Go to the product page at and check Product Options for more information
To browse the full catalog of sportbike tires at our store, please click the "Shop Now" button below:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here or call our specialists at 888.903.4344​
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