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Here are pictures of the BabyGixxer. The kickstand is cut very short because the Gixxer was originally dropped lower but the suspension was crappy so we had to raise it....OH NO IT LOOKS LIKE ITS ABOUT TO FALL OVER!!!!


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My wife found the hard way that lowered all the way was to much.
She dropped it twice.
Once on a speed bump, the header drug and brought her to a complete stop.
She was on the ground before she knew what happened.
The other time was pulling into a gas station and caught the curb and dropped it.
That on scratched the bike all to h3ll.
Thank goodness for frame sliders.

I raised the bike back up to only 1 1/2 lower and its not an issue.

As fore the kick stand, I cut the plate off the bottom, cut 1 inch off the stand and welded the plate back on. worked great.
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