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checking oil

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ok, this is going to sound really stupid....I just got a 2000 yamaha r1 and the oil light has come on and off a few times today. i see the little check guage, but i'm not sure what position the bike should be in to check it. if it's leaned over to the left on the stand, there's no oil in the little window....if i hold it up so it's level, the oil shows up at a good level. What is the proper way to check it? thanks... :twfrox:
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interesting....thanks for the reply. is there a reason that my oil light would come on since the level is in the middle of the glass? :twfrox:
it only comes on for like a minute every so often. not every time it runs. usually shortly after starting it. i think it's happened 3 or 4 times since i got it on friday.

on a side note, it's gotten progressively more "clunky" when shifting in the lower gears (1st to 2nd to 3rd). with regular city driving, i'll accelerate to around 5,000 rpm, pull the clutch, shift, and when i go to let the clutch back out with gas it's like it slams into gear sort of. this goes away in the higher gears, and if i let the clutch out reeeaall slow, it doesn't do it. i don't know if that has anything to do with oil or lubrication, but thought i'd throw it out there. thanks!
is this an expensive fix or is there something i can replace myself? i have ordered the hayes that going to help?
here's the deal....i think the oil was actually low. i had checked it when it was hot (really hot) and i think i was tilting it too much towards the viewing window, getting an incorrect reading. i went ahead and got some valvoline 4-stroke motorcycle oil and put about 3/4 quart in it. the light doesn't come on any more. i talked to the seller again and he said the bike is probably due for an oil change soon. i'll wait for my hayes manual and do it myself when that comes.

i feel better knowing that the clutch is "clunky" normally. it's gotten better since adding the oil. just gotta get used to it.

on another note, how hot is too hot on these bikes? there is a temp readout on the tachometer in degrees F. it's gotten up to 206* during the day in the city. is that normal? at speed the temp goes down to around 150-160 normally. is there a way to get the radiator fan to kick in more often when i'm driving slow? thanks!
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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