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checking oil

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ok, this is going to sound really stupid....I just got a 2000 yamaha r1 and the oil light has come on and off a few times today. i see the little check guage, but i'm not sure what position the bike should be in to check it. if it's leaned over to the left on the stand, there's no oil in the little window....if i hold it up so it's level, the oil shows up at a good level. What is the proper way to check it? thanks... :twfrox:
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Those bikes have clunky trans to start with. Definitely change the oil if you haven't already.

Is the oil light coming on while the bike is idling or while ridding?
Are you bogging it down to very low rpm's? (below 700) If so, the oil pressure will droop enough to trip the light.
It takes a stand or two people to check the oil accurately. A stand or another person to hold the bike straight upright.
The temp sound about normal. I think you will also find the more you get use to the bike the less clunk you will get from the trans.
Moibl makes good oils. :dthumb:
I know guys that might change oil once a year. The funny thing is. They both make plenty of money. I tell them it must be nice to make enough that you don't care about PM's because you can afford the big repair bills. :crazy:
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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