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checking oil

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ok, this is going to sound really stupid....I just got a 2000 yamaha r1 and the oil light has come on and off a few times today. i see the little check guage, but i'm not sure what position the bike should be in to check it. if it's leaned over to the left on the stand, there's no oil in the little window....if i hold it up so it's level, the oil shows up at a good level. What is the proper way to check it? thanks... :twfrox:
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bumblebee said:
Oh My Gosh... :jd: GMan and I agree on something!! :cheers: But he is right!! Change your oil frequently!!! pay attention the the consistency, the color and the smell...your oil will tell you when/if something is going bad...I change my oil and filter about every 1500 - 2000 miles or 6 weeks, whichever comes first. Oil is cheap!!! Engines ain't...Besides, it gives me, Snakemann and 99birdv6 an excuse to sit in the shop and drink beer... :cheers: :dthumb:
I agree w/ G-Man too. Change that **** every 2K synth or no synth. I run the Castrol R4 synth and change it every 2K or 2 months, but the 2K usually comes first. Take care of the bike and the bike will thank you. Bike motors will last a while, you just have to take care of 'em.
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