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Chicken Strip...

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Brand new tires on the 'Busa.... take it up in the mountains....
I think I'm Rossi on a roll.... come back and I still have a 1/4 inch of untouched rubber on the ole chicken strip..... must be gettin old... :lol:

Who burns 'em to the edge and keeps goin?
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Thanks guys... I thought I was turnin into a wuss.... :lol:
bulldogdefensivetacl said:
eh yeah i dont think u deserve the bike no more u better give it to me :dthumb: ... so i can sell it and get a small 500..... :wink:
You need to start off with training wheels first.... :lol: j/k
Your time will come. :thumbs:
twisty said:
When the sidewall of your tire has wear on it,
LOL, I don't think that's gonna happen.....
Nuthin was draggin...I have hit the peg feelers in the past.

I am pleased with the way the bike handles, but it's definitely no GSXR-750/1k.
Yeah, and I'm a big guy (250+), so I need lots and lots of torque. :thumbs:
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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