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Chicken Trucks...UGH!!

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Dont follow to close to em..besides the fact that they stink to high heaven, and chicken debris is constantly flying out...who knew that a whole chicken would fly out!!!!

Im riding along, behind a car who is behind one of the previously mentioned chicken know the ones that carry the little cages, stuffed with 10 chickens in each one, presumably going to become KFC. :rolleyes: .. Im riding along, beginning to get nauscious from the smell, and I cant safely pass, because its at night, on road with not so good conditions and lots of hills so visibility is not the greatest in general. So anyway, Im riding behind a car, and all of the sudden I notice that one of the cage doors comes open and out flies this entire chicken!! still alive from what I could tell..smacks into the windshield of the car infront of me, then hits the ground as I ride passed it. How the other chickens in that crate didnt fly out I'll never know, but anyways, the truck keeps going about 2 miles later comes up to a stop sign, and I ride up to his door and told him he lost one of his chickens. He was like OH &%$# !!! and went back, and relocked the crate, and thankfully no other chickens had fallen out.

Needless to say I stayed much farther back while I was behind him, and then passed him after telling him what happened.

Moral...Some chickens just dont want to become finger lickin good!! :D
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Holy crap, it's a good thing you weren't hit by that. :eek:
I assume, since you didin't mention it, that the windshield remained in one piece?
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