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choosing gloves is hard.

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i want to choose a pair of gloves that has red and black color in it, maybe a little bit of white would be nice, comfort and leathered, and look cool. does any1 has one or know 1?
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Well, since you already bought gloves, this advice won't help you, but maybe it will help others. When trying on gloves, ALWAYS sit on a bike and see how the gloves fit with your hands around the grips. Gloves actually get tighter as you wrap your fingers around the grip. How do I know? Because I bought a pair of Joe Rocket gloves online after trying a pair on in a store. Unfortunately, I didn't try them on properly. Put on the new gloves that came from online (cheaper than store) and the felt good. Took the tags off and went for a ride a few days later. I should have bought a larger size, because they were too tight when riding. Couldn't return the gloves because tags were removed and I waited too long to wear them while riding. So now I have a $50 pair of gloves that don't fit and a $70 pair that does.
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