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Christmas lights to another level

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That's on heck of a light show!
Do you know if its real or a computer make over?
It would cause one heck of a traffic jam in my neighborhood. Just seems to elaborate for even the extreme decorator.
Gas Man said:
How did you guys get a recording of my house!! :nonod:

But seriusly, I seen this stuff on GMA last year. You actually have a company come out and they set it up. You don't own any of it. They bring it, set it up, program the PC that runs the show, maintains the setup, takes it down, and will bring it back next year!
We Need link if you can find one. I'm curious what something like that would cost.
Need4Speed said:
Probably an arm and a leg I would imagine !!!
I suspect as much but, still curious.
Gas Man said:
I don't have one but I'm sure a google search will reveal something!
Tried that.
Found some write ups on it but nothing to order services. :scratch:
The only place I have seen a light show like that was at Garden parks.
Damn, he must've started wiring it in July. Pretty cool.
I knew I recognized the music from this show. Its Wizards In Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra (The band formally known as Sabotage) :dthumb:
Check out this thread also. Rocking Christmas music!
1 - 9 of 27 Posts
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