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Cigarette butts and riding

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It's getting darker and colder in the mornings on my way to work. The weather has so beautiful that I've riding the bike almost everyday. It never fails, at least once on my way to work, I wind up initiating evasive maneuvers to get out of the way of a burning cigarette.

In the darker mornings, they're easy to see with the shower of orange sparks flying about. It really irks me when I'm wearing my Cordura, since it's not exactly flame retardant.

So, again, this morning I'm minding my own business on the way in and BOOM! There goes another, headed right at my bouncing around. I'm just waiting for it to come up and bounce in my lap.

Notice to smokers: Use your @#$%@'in ASH TRAY. Not only are you an inconsiderate jerk by tossing them on the ground, but you represent a safety hazard to me when I ride. It's dangerous enough for me already, I don't need the risk of catching fire to worry about also.

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I had a guy run me almost off the road last year in April... I slowed down got behind him saw the "watch for Motorcycles" sticker in his window... and thought I'd remind him to practice what he preached...

I pulled up next to him... and put a size 11.5 A* dent in his door...
Cigarettes? Ha! The worst thing in my opinion is the in-bred red necks that try to toss their empty beer cans into the truck bed....but miss. That'll get your attention:yikes:
I do that with popcans... but only at a stand still... and I've never missed... :idk:
I wish I had this option. My womans size 6 or boys 3.5 would be laughable at best. Plus at a whopping height of 5' even, my intimidation factor is almost null and void, but their kneecaps would be told off like no one's business! :pity:
a dent is a dent... and that's the best thing about gear... they don't know if your a guy or a girl... and more than likely... they're gonna **** their pants anyways
:lol: :cheers:

Hey- I think I'm really getting the hang of this :dthumb: Just don't go and change the way the forum operates :skep:
what quote'n? :lol:

bout time dude:lol: :dthumb:
1 - 4 of 46 Posts
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