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City not liable for Police Chief's actions

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KTTC-TV—Rochester, MN

A judge has ruled that the victims of a 2002 fire in Lanesboro cannot sue the city for damages. Authorities said former Lanesboro police chief John Tuchek set the blaze in an attempt to impress his former girlfriend by rescuing her from the fire.

But the fire soon got out of control, and several Lanesboro businesses and apartments were destroyed.

Tuchek was found guilty of eight counts of first-degree arson for setting the fire and sentenced to six-years in prison.

A judge says Lanesboro cannot be sued because there wasn't enough evidence to show that the city should have foreseen Tuchek's conduct.
What the $h*t?!
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Ok, so they can't sue the city because the city did not forsee his actions. But what's stopping them from suing him?? Granted, you can't get blood from a turnip, and cops don't make much money, but surely they can get something out of him. I imagine he owned a home and other assets, so they can bankrupt him, right? While I don't agree with the litigious nature of our society, I do feel that people should be held responsible for their actions. In this case, the guy started the fire, therefore, he's responsible for the damage.
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