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Mequires Quick Detailer is the ****! it's what I use all the time!

I've washed my bike four times... when i first got it, jut before it went into storage for my deployment, when it came out... and when it went back in for the winter. each time I used a bucket of hot water... I say hot because the weather was cold each time and I didn't have a hose... so I figured I'd go with hot and not suffer as much... I'd wash with terry cloths like DLit said... then dry it off... then I used Meguires Tech Wax... that stuff ROCKS... i use it on my truck all the time and make it shine like crazy... does the same on my bike...

other than those four times... I just use the quick detailer before or after each ride... I try to do it before because it reminds me to do all my checks, (tires, chain, lights, oil, ect...) and it's easy cause I'm already right there!:2cents:
1 - 1 of 33 Posts