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Cliff's Notes

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I had made some posts on this forum regarding a couple of different topics, and a couple times received comments about refering to the "Cliff's Notes" version; I know that bandwidth is expensive, and brevity is considered virtuous, BUT: when I try to write an article or a response I attempt to be as accurate as possible, as well as either showing HOW I arrived at my info, or the logical process for coming to a given conclusion.

I'm very old school, in that I was taught that opinions without a basis are valueless; so if I drag on, I apologise. I try to be as succinct as possible, and still provide a basis for thought and rebuttal.

I don't want to get the nickname "Ol' Windy", but sometimes there is no other way to accurately describe a phenomena, or to show the basis for a given opinion or way of thinking. If I bore the other members of this board, I am sorry, but know no other way.

Respectfully submitted,

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Thanks for the clarification there...Windy...Hey...GasMan...He's trying to get your nickname... :lol:
pickle.of.doom said:
Sure, let "Gas Man" try to convince you that "Windy" came from a bike :D :lol:

Yeah...I thinkin' I was told a different story...but hey!... :cheers:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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