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Clutch or Disc lock?

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Which would you prefer of these two or if neither what would you reccommend?

Im thinking of Xena disc lock which comes with built in alarm which sounds if bike is tipped or if lock is tampered with.

Clutch lock (I've seen pictures but can't seem to find) which locks the clutch and prevents you from changing gear into neutral and rolling the bike away.

I need something because I want to ride to school for winter session but have class at night 6-9pm.
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The other item to look into is a Scorpio alarm. For our newsletter this month I am actually doing a review of them and doing a special price for them. There have been a lot of bike thefts lately, and it's an excellent product. It's a lot more than a disc lock, around $285 for the cheapest one, but it's got a remote pager and they work extremely well. IMO, that' not too much money to spend to protect your bike. We have a ton of other security options that aren't on our site, so if there's anything you don't see that you want, just let me know.

Also, do NOT buy Kryptonite locks right now. They are under scrutiny for their locks being picked. I am getting ready to take them off of our site.

Someone suggested the two disc lock thing. Even though that could help deter, most robberies these days are snatch and grabs where they literally do pick up the bike and throw it in a trailer. They have about four guys that pull up and steal it. It totally sucks!

You can read more about them here:
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