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ShanMan14 said:
Some of these sportbikers just ride with reckless disregard for everyone, including themselves.
I agree here, however, it is just not motorcycles. Yesterday afternoon, about 1:00 pm, I left Jacksonville to return to Tallahassee, about 165 miles each way. We were in my truck and I tend to make time in it, not like the bee, but I cruise 80+. I had a young girl, talking on her cell phone, blow past me in a new Malibu. Like any good fisherman, I reeled her out and followed, hoping FHP would get her first. We were running 90 to 95 most of the way. She almost caused 3 accidents. Instead of slowing coming up behind people so they would see her and move over, she just tried to blow past in the right hand lane. 3 times, the slow reacting cars almost pitted her. Carelessness is not just a motorcycle issue.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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