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Not that if they did force em off the orad its not a bad thing for all of us.... but im with the above statement.. WEAR YOUR SEATBELT.... how easy is it to make yourself pretty safe... 1/2 a second to click in.. thats why they make em.... u get ejected and hurt... thats your fault.. they all shoulda came out in the SUV and in their seats under a buckle.

If it was video taped.... they better get rid of the tape and not let it surface.... otherwise i say cops find it and someone goes to jail.

As far as bike cops go... the ones in Reno are DICKS to sport bike riders... u wave sititng next to em in traffic they give ya a dirty look and will not wave back... i think out of bout 10 or so ive seen whil;e riding and waved at.. 1 waved back... if theyd wave they might get a little respect form the two big groups that ride together here.....Being too much of a ass to wave while at a stop sign is not good bike manors for anyone police or harley or Busa.....
Courtesy is the first nessecity on a bike.. either courtesy in giving someone else a position or waving.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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