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Come Hangout at AMAPROSTAR FINALS nov 11-13

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Come hangout at Naarden Incs booth, at the AMAPROSTAR finals Nov 11-13 in Gainsville. Ill be giving away shirts to people who visit the forums i go to (You must wear it that day i give it to you or ill beat you down) just come up and Introduce yourself to me. Im not really trying to sell anything this is really just a place to hang out and bull**** check out some new products i made but mostly to push back laudry day one more day, haha. Hope to meet some people there, we will have some trick bikes on display so come hang out.

All i ask is if you get a shirt make a donation to whatever forum you read this at. Its expensive to run forums and they are great ways for people like me to reach people like you.

Kris VanOrden
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