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Come In, and Sit down!

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Hay everyone! So i am kinda gettin to know everyone better. Well okay so i was thinkin you guys should make a trip to Indy... haha.. yah so you can come to all the crazy parties.. see lots of Squids haha.. no just come and visit and have a good time.. i would like to hear from more of ya though.. if you are interested in Coming to Indy and maybe riding around for the weekend let me know.. AIM: Rangergirl46168 Yahoo: Meganmc_03.. i am thinkin bout having a big cook out when it gets warm again for all the local riders and all the riders i have made friends with... If you might be interested let me know.. you can also e-mail me.. [email protected]... look forward to making tons more new friends and maybe eventually hangin out with you guys or riding with ya.. .. let me know some feed back.. thanks Meg :dthumb:
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I am still waiting for you the mail me the modeling pics!!!???
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