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Come In, and Sit down!

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Hay everyone! So i am kinda gettin to know everyone better. Well okay so i was thinkin you guys should make a trip to Indy... haha.. yah so you can come to all the crazy parties.. see lots of Squids haha.. no just come and visit and have a good time.. i would like to hear from more of ya though.. if you are interested in Coming to Indy and maybe riding around for the weekend let me know.. AIM: Rangergirl46168 Yahoo: Meganmc_03.. i am thinkin bout having a big cook out when it gets warm again for all the local riders and all the riders i have made friends with... If you might be interested let me know.. you can also e-mail me.. [email protected]... look forward to making tons more new friends and maybe eventually hangin out with you guys or riding with ya.. .. let me know some feed back.. thanks Meg :dthumb:
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sounds good everyone! yah busababe i will def make it out, and we will party west coast style. anyways i was thinkin bout payin for a place to have the cookout where everyone can show off there bike skills , ride around and we can always have a cook out and have a good time.. let me know if anyone has any good cookout ideas.. i will be more than happy to listen to suggestions.. [email protected]
well i can be the one who drives the vehicle someone will just have to trail me lol... ;) ... sounds good captain , you should give me a call sometime so that we can work out some more ideas... and i might need a lil more info about these places...
what was ur e-mail addy again, i will send them tonight.. !!! always i put new pics up in the never ending thread and the member pics forum.. check them out..
hay everyone, sent those pics bumble bee... anyways, just checkin to see if any new ideas have ran past anyone..!!! ;)
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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