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Comparing my bike to others...

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I recently bought my gixxer 750 2000. I am compaing the numbers and seeing that either they are lying to me or this bike has some pretty good numbers. I read 365lbs dry and rated at over 140 hp stock. My bike has a couple of goodies and im adding others. I bought a slip on exhaust, am ordering the rest of the header, it has a K&N filter, and some sort of computer that gives it more power, its under the back seat. The guy i bought it from said it dynoed at 125hp on the wheel, that sound right???

I really wanted to by a Ducatti but i figured I woudl start on something a bit more cost effective before I destroy an expensive bike. But in looking around I see and read that this bike seems to handle better and has more power. The HP rating on the Duc are no where near what mine are.
Whats the difference, are ducs not as fast.. or is it a totally different league of machine.

Kinda like the Vette Vs Ferrari arguement
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From my April, 2003 Motorcycle Consumer News, the $17k Ducati 999 makes 112 rwh, as does the $9k Suzuki 750. The 999's top speed is 172 mph and the 750's is 165. But I think the rider buying a 999 doesn't care too much about peak horsepower or top speed, otherwise they'd get a busa and a ZX-12.

Dry weights are manufacturers weight without the battery, oil, gas, antifreeze, and other nonsense. The 2003 750's real weight is 459. The 999 is 477. I would read the test articles where riders actually ride the bikes. The specs should be used between two bikes that are tied for your buying dollar.

I'm going to the Cycle World motorcycle show tomorrow. And for my $12 admission, I'm going to sit on almost every stinking bike in the place. It's coming to Chicago in February, and you should check it out.
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