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It’s the first annual TWF “Log some miles before winter” contest!

As winter is fast approaching, and autumn is well upon us, many of our Northern members are going to be scurrying to get as much seat time as they can before they have to put their bikes up for the season. Meanwhile, many of our Southern members are enjoying the cooler weather than fall brings. So what better time than now to see just how many miles you can get!

The goal is simple: Get out and ride!! Beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday October 7st, and running through midnight on October 31st, get out and ride… he/she who logs the most miles during the month of October WINS!

Here’s how you enter:
1.)On October 7th, post up a photograph of your odometer in the designated photo thread. (at the start of the photo thread, there will be a "Verification Message" posted - jot this down on a piece of paper, and include that in the photo of your odometer)
2.)Get out and ride.
3.)On October 31st, before midnight, post up a photograph of your odometer with the ending "Verification Message" in the designated thread.

And here’s what you win:

A custom TWF User Title! No longer will you be “Squidly” or a “Board Member.” You’ll have the freedom to choose a title that suits your personality, your bike, or even just your mood (within reason, that is!)

Just a few rules to keep in mind:

1.)You must have a digital camera and/or a way to post up photos of your odometer and the verification message at both the start and finish of the contest
2.)You must be an active member of TWF as of September 1st, 2007, with at least 25 posts as of the start of the contest.
3.)You must have a bike! (no brainer, but figured it was worth mentioning)

Now get out and ride!



I didnt join till Oct.
201 - 220 of 252 Posts
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