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I saw this and couldn't believe it :rofl3: Texas' finest... :lols:

An off-duty policeman's gun went off twice as he pulled down his pants to use the toilet, injuring a man.

Officer Craig Clancy was attending a car auction in San Antonio when nature called.

As he undid his trousers, the gun fell from its holster.

Officer Clancy tried to catch it, but accidentally fired two bullets when his finger grabbed the trigger by mistake.

Police spokesman Gabe Trevino told KSAT news: "As Clancy tried to stop the gun from hitting the ground, his finger entered the trigger guard, which cause the weapon to go off twice.

"The first bullet went through the wall of the cubicle and through the pants of a man, grazing his leg."

The injured man, who was washing his hands at the time, was taken to hospital.

The Texan police department for internal affairs is investigating the incident.

I know I will sleep better tonight knowing this guy is on duty in Texas

V-Twin Moddin
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:wtf: And that's why I like to live in Michigan... the closer you get to D-town or Flint, the less likely the cops even have bullets in their guns due to "cut-backs"!!
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