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Counter steering experiments

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Ive been overcoming intuition and purposely inducing counter steer. Turning left and pulling on the right grip took some talking myself into, but now i am getting better at controlling it. Started with a few little tugs in sweepers and low speed swerving. The bike just wants to "fall" in a good way. feels like momentum vs gyroscopic force vs traction :). Im starting to understand what makes those racers so fast. I did notice once i recognised it, i did it more than i thought. I can feel leaned over that i do pull on the opposite bar alot. Perhaps another good reason to hang off the bike. But i find it most useful at turn in. Brake later and turn in faster. This is a skill i deffinately want to improve, ive gotten faster already. Anyone mastered countersteering? Tips and tricks are welcome.
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You will find that you more than likely do more pushing with the bar side that you are turning into than you do pullling the opposite side!
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