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Counter steering experiments

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Ive been overcoming intuition and purposely inducing counter steer. Turning left and pulling on the right grip took some talking myself into, but now i am getting better at controlling it. Started with a few little tugs in sweepers and low speed swerving. The bike just wants to "fall" in a good way. feels like momentum vs gyroscopic force vs traction :). Im starting to understand what makes those racers so fast. I did notice once i recognised it, i did it more than i thought. I can feel leaned over that i do pull on the opposite bar alot. Perhaps another good reason to hang off the bike. But i find it most useful at turn in. Brake later and turn in faster. This is a skill i deffinately want to improve, ive gotten faster already. Anyone mastered countersteering? Tips and tricks are welcome.
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No Worries said:
Luckily, I don't think very often about countersteering, I just do it. One place where I have problems is a very steep, very tight 180 degree curve, especially when I'm going uphill. Have to brake, downshift, countersteer, change to turning the handlebar into the turn, lean, fight gravity, and accelerate without falling over, or sliding on the gravel that all the cars throw on the road from cutting the corner.
I have one of these near me, I have been out hitting up that turn alot lately just to practice at it, I still have not mastered it yet, I have gotten alot better, but I know theres still gotta be a better way to take this curve. I am a little better going down this steep 180 degree turn than up, the recommended speed is 10 mph in a car.
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