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Counter steering experiments

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Ive been overcoming intuition and purposely inducing counter steer. Turning left and pulling on the right grip took some talking myself into, but now i am getting better at controlling it. Started with a few little tugs in sweepers and low speed swerving. The bike just wants to "fall" in a good way. feels like momentum vs gyroscopic force vs traction :). Im starting to understand what makes those racers so fast. I did notice once i recognised it, i did it more than i thought. I can feel leaned over that i do pull on the opposite bar alot. Perhaps another good reason to hang off the bike. But i find it most useful at turn in. Brake later and turn in faster. This is a skill i deffinately want to improve, ive gotten faster already. Anyone mastered countersteering? Tips and tricks are welcome.
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Aside of the turns you make at slow speeds such as u- turns and turning from a dead stop, you are always counter steering it is just happing and your not aware of it, it just is. Most get the impression that you lean into turns when in fact it is a counter steer that is indeed happening. The real testiment comes when you need to turn quikly as to avoid something, most who believe steering is just a lean of the bike and find themselves NOT avoiding the structure they ment to swerve around. Understanding how a bike turns is a life saver. In fact it is kinda scary when you think about how mant bikers there are who still are not aware of how to steer a bike out of trouble. It should be learned by all. A lot of bike crashes come from those who have an abstruction come from the right and the TURN the wheel left only to drive right into it on the right. I have told sever guys I know who ride about "when your riding down the road you cant turn your bars in the direction you need to go it just wont happen" and they look at me with that dear in the headlight look and choose to chalenge the idea. As far as your going to work on this, Great, it should not go without practice. Knowing in a split second which way to push on the bar subconsiously (sp) will save your life. Sorry so long of a post.
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