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couple of cool 2 wheel GIF files

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found a couple new GIF files
check them out!

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pintsizemoto said:
found a couple new GIF files
check them out!

think rockadaous already found the first one. :lol:
Is anyone well versed on Photoshop? We could create our own for the site and add it as a smilie.
Im OK with photoshop, but certainly no expert; I'll give it a shot though..twisty might be able to come with something pretty cool as well!
I would just like to get the hyper guy back. He's gone since the crash and this is the closest one. :here:
I have a few on the WOS the board that are cool but I can see what I can do
rockadaous said:
they've got a ton of stuff on there, no doubt..just be careful of the dreaded spyware..

"Includes the My Web Searchbar - Get instant search results from the Internet's best search engines and relevant results in response to address bar queries."
I hate spyware...nothing more than a not as destructive virus...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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