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Couple recent mod pics

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Pics taken a few days ago, showing the new grips, levers, bar ends, tank bra, and CF gas cover. Thanks DJ !!!!!!!!!!!!

all in all, im happy with it so far. just gotta stretch the throttle grip over the end of the throttle alittle yet, but no big deal.
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Gas Man said:
Sweet pics N4S!!! At least you are seeing your bike...I haven't even seen my bike in months!!!! I see the "shadow" of the bike in the corner of the garage all covered up.... :sob:
My brother's bike is at my parent's house in the garage. I think he goes over and uncovers it daily just to look at it. :lol: I, on the other hand, brought my bike to MY house, so that I won't have to go to my parent's to look at it. ;)
Nice mods, Matt. I also bought the carbon look levers for the Kat 600, although that will be up for sale within a week or two. The body panels are back from the painter, now I just need to get the bike put back together and sell it. :D
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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